Friday, November 26, 2010

My House Is Haunted , How About Yours?

Yes I do indeed live in a haunted house near Shelby North Carolina. The house I live in is quite haunted with all kinds of paranormal activity going on. A lot of people ask me if I'm not afraid to live in a haunted house and I'll have to say no I'm not. I 'm really happy to know that ghosts and paranormal activity are very real. CLICK HERE to read about my haunted house.

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james hearn said...

I grew up in a haunted house and I never liked it. The worst one was this hooded figure that would float above my bed horizontally over me and then slide to the end of my bed and than move into a vertical position for up to 30 seconds and then disappear. It was a black robe and the hood was always covering the head. Where the face area was there was nothing only black. My younger brother use to watch it float into his room. We never told each other about it until 20 years later. And that is just a fraction of what went on there.