Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Haunted Farmhouse

I don't believe that my little brother would have any reason to make this up and then tell our parents and grandmother, so I'm counting this as reputable. My parents recently gained possession of an old farmhouse in a rural portion of the midwest. The house is over a century old, and has been in my family for about half that time. To gain a little freedom, my little brother volunteered to occupy the house until ground is broken on the addition. He moved in about mid-January, 2007.

Recently, he related to me that he believes that the house is haunted or has a stitch in time. Occasionally, at night when he is trying to fall asleep, he gets the feeling that he is being watched, and his dog goes crazy. Then he can hear bluegrass music playing softly. When he investigated the noise, it seems to be coming from the wall between a bedroom and the living room. In talking with previous occupants of the house, that wall is where the old radio was next to. So far, nothing untoward has happened; I just hope the addition won't unsettle any beings.

In the same house about 1990, my great-grandfather had recently lost his wife. A religious man, he had asked God to take him as well. One day he woke up from his nap, with a bearded man dressed in white sitting at the foot of his bed. The man, presumably St. Peter, stated, "It's not yet your time," stood, and disappeared. I don't believe this is related to the the current events, but it establishes that there have been unusual events here before.

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