Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Lizzie Bordens House

UM - Lizzie Borden's House 1/2

UM - Lizzie Borden's House 2/2

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Haunted Home

My husband and I moved into our home the day we got married in 2003. After being in this house for a month, people started telling me things about this house. About a month in this home, weird things started to happen. One night I sent my brother and his girlfriend to the store for me, and while they were gone, this box that was sitting on my china cabinet floated off and landed two feet from me.

Another time, me and my family members were sitting in my living room and we heard this old lady singing. We have seen a little girl in a blue dress walk down my steps and turn right around and walk back up them. We can hear a child running upstairs in the hallway. I have seen a man's face in my china cabinet. Half of his face was gone and the other half there. One night I went to bed early and I fell asleep with all my clothes on (down to my jacket). In the middle of the night, I woke up to something taking my pants off of me.

We can hear people walking up my steps at night when everyone is in bed asleep. One night, my husband had to work night shift and I was sitting in my family room and the living room door came open and I heard footsteps walk through my door, and a man just started busting out laughing. When I went and looked to see who was there, the only thing I saw was a shadow of a man standing there laughing as hard as he could... and then he vanished.

We have lived in this house for two years now and we have grown to get used to the ones who share this house with us, from the children to the unexplained. We have come to realize if you don't pay them any mind that we don't hear that much out of them anymore, but they won't let us forget that they are there.

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