Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mr. Ritter's Ghost

My husband and I just bought this house a year ago. My husband is a law officer and has in the past done work on homicides. When we first looked at this house, my husband told me he had been in it before. I said, "A break in?" He said, "No, a homicide."

The man's name was Mr Ritter. That is what we call him. He still lives in the house and is not shy about making himself known. We have had things dumped over, and doors slam shut and then reopen. We have been redoing the house, for it is over 40 years old, and if he likes what we did, he just moves things in the room to suit himself. But if he doesn't like it, then things get dumped. He was killed next to the furnace in the basement and there you can feel a much colder draft.

When he turns things on or dumps things on the floor, I go there and tell him, "Mr. Ritter, knock it off." Most people I know don't believe me, but he stops. Then like he is sorry, I will find something, like a flower or a knick-knack on the table upstairs. I just want people to know that not all ghosts are mean and something to be afraid of. I really think he looks out for us and the house.