Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Skunk Ape's Cries

The year was 1974. The place, rural South Florida. My new bride and I had found our dream house in the country sided by a great bass fishing canal. On the other side were endless acres of cattle land. One night, we heard horrible crying and screams (not human) off in the near distance. I figured maybe the cattle were mating, but it sounded more like death wails, and seemed to get closer to the house as the night went on. These noises keep us up till the wee hours, then stopped around 5:00 a.m.

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Around 7;00 a.m., with my cup of coffee in hand, I stepped out unto my open front porch and saw wet sand and mud imprint tracks there. Not human footprints! Being only a fisherman and not a hunter, I couldn't tell what they were. A week later, two police officers came to our door wanting to know if we has seen or heard anything unusual lately. They explained that several animals (cattle) had been mutilated in the field next door and all their blood removed the same night we heard those horrible noises. I explained the prints on my patio, but I had washed them away. They asked us to remain quiet about the incident.

Needless to say, our country living was never the same, and we soon sold our home. Florida "Skunk-Ape" stories arose after that, but I am not a witness to any of those sitings, only to what I heard and saw that cool clear Florida night in '74 will I attest to as being the most scariest and heart-pounding experience of my life.

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